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Captive breeding of marine fishes is one of the most important aspects facing the marine aquarium hobby today.

Due to environmental changes and unsustainable collection practices we need to learn as much as possible about the breeding requirements of marine ornamental fishes if we want the hobby to continue. 

It is my goal to do my part to help streamline the captive breeding process so that anyone that is interested in captive breeding can find the information easily, without having to spend countless hours searching.

"A sense of passion is what first drives most hobbyists to raise these fishes... I believe that curiosity is a tremendous motivator, as is doing something that most people still think is impossible."
-Matthew L. Wittenrich
The Complete Illustrated Breeder's Guide to Marine Fishes
Microcosm Ltd./THF

This site has two goals:

The primary focus will be on helpful tips for breeding specific marine fishes to help limit the impact of the marine aquariun hobby on the world's reefs.  As well as educating hobbyists on the importance of captive bred fish.

The secondary focus will be to provide documentation of the fish that I am breeding for aquarium retailers.

We are still under construction, please bear with us as we get things back together.

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