Breeding Journal DataSheet

Species: A. ocellaris
Social Structure: Mated pair
Size of Individuals: Female: 2.5" Male: 2"
Age of Individuals: Female probably 3yrs(ORA) Male probably2+yrs (Wild caught, Phillipines?)
Date added to Tank: 8-05-08

Broodstock Tank Details
Size of Tank: Standard 10G 
Substrate Details: Fine layer of black sand
Filtration Details: Plumed in central system. Approx 90G 
Water Changes: 30% bi-weekly
Water Temperature: 80-82F 
Lighting: Shop light
Lighting Cycle: 14hrs light, 10hrs dark
Other Tank Inhabitants:

Broodstock Feeding Details
Food Types: Various frozen foods including squid, bloodworms, krill, Spectrum pellets enriched with RatioHUFA
Feeding Schedule: Every 4 hours. 

Spawning Details
Date of First Spawn: 12-28-08 
Dates of Consecutive Spawns: Every 14-16 days 

Larval Tank Details
Temperature: 82F
Size of Larval Tank: Stand alone 10G
Substrate Details: None 
Other Tank Decor: Small piece of LR 
Filtration Details: None until day 14 when sponge filter is added.
Lighting: CF bulb with reflector 
Lighting Cycle: 14hrs light, 10hrs dark 
Water Changes: Siphon detritus and replace with fresh water from main system. 25% around day 14. 

Larval Feeding Details
Food Types: Rotifers through day 14, Otohime A and finely crushed flake foods start around day 5.  Cyclopeeze with garlic around day 14. 
Feeding Schedule: Every 4 hours.

Date of Metamorphosis: Usually by day 9. 
Date of Settlement:  Usually by day 14.

Grow-Out Tank Details
Temperature: 80-82F 
Size of Grow-Out Tank: Standard 20G 
Substrate Details: Fine layer of black sand, small piece of LR. 
Other Tank Decor:
Filtration Details:  Plumbed into central system.  Approx 130G 
Lighting: Shop light 
Lighting Cycle: 14hrs light, 10hrs dark
Water Changes: 20% bi-weekly 
Size at Transfer: 1cm 
Age at Transfer: 21 days 

Grow-Out Feeding Details
Food Types: Crushed flake foods, small Spectrum pellets, cyclopeeze with garlic, enriched with RatioHUFA
Feeding Schedule: Every 4 hours. 

Additional Details
First stripe appears around day 4, second stripe around day 14 and third stripe usually by day 21.

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