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Larval Rearing Continued

13 DPH:

                                                I don't think this one made it. It's heart was still beating but it wasn't breathing.

14 DPH:


I got these shots of the eye and mouth. In the first one you can see the teeth, the second one was taken without back light and you can see the eye in better detail.

Additional insight: Looking back at the previous days I noticed the continuing developement of the tail, it changes almost every day. The dorsal spines have appeared today as well, or at least I'm able to see them. I got one to hold still, I think this looks a bit better. This one doesn't have the same dorsal developement as the other one yet.

16 DPH

23 DPH:

The fish on the bottom was damaged during siphoning, the one on top was fine. They should be going through meta within the next week or so.

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