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Further Reading

The Complete Illustrated Breeder's Guide To Marine Aquarium Fishes
By Matthew L. Wittenrich

A Guide to Their Captive Care, Breeding & Natural History
By Joyce D. Wilkerson

PocketExpert Guide: Marine Fishes
500+ Essential-to-Know Species
By Scott. W. Michael

Aquarium Corals
Selection, Husbandry & Natural History
By Eric H. Borneman

The Concientcious Marine Aquarist
A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists
By Robert M. Fenner

Phytoplankton Culture Manual
By Frank H. Hoff & Terry W. Snell

Banggai  Cardinalfish: (This is an excellent paper from the University of Hawaii)

Captive Breeding:

Are clownfish groups composed of close relatives?:

Frequency and Periodicity of Spawning in the Clownfish Amphiprion akallopisos Under Aquarium Conditions.:

Book Review- Conditioning, spawning and rearing of fish with emphasis on marine clownfish:

Embryonic Development of Percula Clownfish, Amphiprion percula (Lacepede, 1802):

Phylogeographic structure of false clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris , explained by sea level changes on the Sunda shelf

Does the presence of non-breeders enhance the fitness of breeders? An experimental analysis in the clown anemonefish Amphiprion percula

The role of fatty acids enrichments in the larviculture of false percula clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris

Trans-generational marking of clownfish larvae via maternal transmission of stable isotopes

Ocean acidification impairs olfactory discrimination and homing ability of a marine fish

Sex- and tissue-specific expression of P450 aromatase (cyp19a1a) in the yellowtail clownfish, Amphiprion clarkii


When to change sex: A handy guide from biologists

Effect of dietary probiotics on clownfish: a molecular approach to define how lactic acid bacteria modulate development in a marine fish

Ontogeny of the digestive tract of larval percula clownfish, Amphiprion percula (Lace´pe`de 1802): a histological perspective

Color polymorphism in siblingAmphiprion: is the reef-fish lottery rigged?

Spacing pattern and body size composition of the protandrous anemonefish Amphiprion frenatus inhabiting colonial host anemones

Effects of Photoperiod on Growth of Larvae and Juveniles of the Anemonefish Amphiprion melanopus

Patterns of pair formation in protandrous anemonefishes,Amphiprion clarkii, A. frenatus andA. perideraion, on coral reefs of Okinawa, Japan


Larval Foods:

Application of Marine Foodfish Techniques in Marine Ornamental Aquaculture: Reproduction and Larval First Feeding

Marine Harpacticoid copepod Culture for the Production of Long Chain Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids and Carotenoid Pigments

Orchid Dottybacks:

Pygmy Angelfish:



Water Quality:

Various interesting articles from the UK can be found on this site:

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