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Algagen LLC
Live & dried microalgae, rotifer and copepod cultures & resting eggs


Hatchery solutions for Aquarists, Propagators, and Breeders

Aquafauna Bio-Marine Inc.
ALGAMAC products, dried microalgae and dietary supplements

Aquatic EcoSystems Inc.
Aquaculture equipment, live feed cultures, and most essentials needed by fish breeders

Brine Shrimp Direct
Source for Artemia cysts of all types and sizes

Doctors Fosters and Smith
Online aquarium supplies and fish, including "WYSIWYG" fish that are updated daily on their site

Florida Aquafarms Inc.
Microalgae and rotifer cultures, aquarium equipment, aquaculture supplies

H2O Life
Aquarium foods

Acrylic and DIY projects

Reed Mariculture
Algae paste, rotifer, mysis shrimp and copepod cultures

Rod's Foods
Awesome source of foods for fish and corals

Seahorse Source

Seahorses, live foods and medications

Vossen Aquatics

Larval trap used in collecting newly hatched fish and invertebrates in marine aquariums


Online Information Resources

Breeders Registry
Nonprofit association for marine ornamental propagators, mostly hobbyists.  Database on reproduction events and requirements of aquarium species.

Kathy's Clowns

Clownfish breeding info and sales

Marine Breeding Initiative

Nonprofit breeding journal database and breeder's award program

Marinelife Aquarium Society of Michigan
Nonprofit organization with general marine aquarium and breeding forums as well as monthly meetings and public outreach programs.

Marine Aquarium Society of North America 
An online forum dedicated to the to captive breeding of Marine fishes, with an emphasis on Clownfishes

Reef Stewardship Foundation
Our mission is to foster a diverse stewardship community that protects coral reefs through collaborative action, research, education and aquaculture initiatives.

Database of articles, information and forums on seahorse care and reproduction.



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