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Orchid Dottybacks
Pseudochromis fridmani

Orchid dottybacks are one of the most beautiful and peaceful members of the species. It's no wonder that they are the most popular dottyback in the marine aquarium hobby.

Sexual Dimorphism

Pairing two juveniles will most likely form a male-female couple. When I started looking for a pair, I found a medium sized one and a smaller one. They paired up right away and were my first pair of fish to spawn.


Once the pair becomes established they will spawn about every 7 to 10 days. The eggs will usually hatch on the fourth night after spawning.

The broodstock tank requirements are fairly simple. All that is needed are a few lengths of PVC pipe, 3-4" in length, 1-1.5" in diameter. It is sometimes recommended to provide an extra piece of PVC suspended higher in the tank for the female to hide in if necessary. (I did this for a while but my female never used it. It would be best to start out providing this in case it is needed... some pairs can get a bit rough when spawning.)

The male of my pair likes the larger PVC pipe for his "den" but they always spawn in the smaller pipe.

Typical spawning behavior:

I was also able to catch the broodstock pair in action today around 4:30pm:

                                                                                            And, the result:


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