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Why buy captive bred fish?

You might be wondering why one should consider choosing a captive bred fish instead of one that is wild caught.

There are several reasons, the main one being to limit the impact of wild collection from the wild. Not only can over-collection be devastating to a particular area, it can also have an impact on the oceans in general.  Collecting a particular species to the point of extinction is a worst case scenario.

Below are a few reasons that captive bred fish are a better option:

  • Less aggressive (Growing up in a predator-free environment makes for a more docile fish)
  • More likely to accept prepared foods
  • No risk of wild parasites or infections. (A healthier fish)
  • Since captive bred fish can be obtained locally, there is almost no risk of loss during transportation
  • Fewer fish need to be collected from the wild

Why should you consider captive breeding?

There are many reasons to get involved in captive breeding:

  • It's fun and educational. (You'll learn a lot)
  • You can do your part to expand the boundaries of captive breeding
  • It's very rewarding to see the entire life cycle from the beginning
  • It's something that you're passionate about (It is work, so don't get involved unless you have the time and dedication required)

Currently, around 10% of marine aquarium fishes that are available are raised in captivity, unlike 90% of freshwater species. Captive bred fish are a good alternative to their wild caught counterparts.

If we are willing to learn how to breed marine ornamental fishes in captivity we can go a long way toward reducing our impact.

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